Designed by owner, Lynne Young, to be a “fitness sanctuary”, Inner Image is the perfect place for active adults and seniors to experience the lifelong benefits of functional fitness while avoiding the crowded, impersonal feel of traditional high traffic health clubs and gyms. Clients enjoy an inviting atmosphere in which personal, individualized attention is key to our services.

The Inner Image mission is to inspire each member to achieve their best health through enjoyable fitness and nutrition which is goal-based, challenging and results driven. Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, we will help you achieve a healthier, happier and more fulfilled lifestyle.

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Physical function is the ability to complete essential everyday activities required for safe independent living and overall quality of life. Limitations in physical function cause deterioration leading to increased injury, pain and eventual dependence.

Functional fitness is evidence-based programming that challenges all components of function leading to its improvement. The focus is on the replication of daily tasks with special attention on motor control and coordination, muscle power, sensory integration, balance, stability, and agility. Its primary goal is to train “movement”, not simply muscles, in an effort to ensure that improvements transfer over to everyday life.

Be sure to request a copy of Embrace Your Inner Image which explains Functional fitness in detail.

Specially trained and certified by the Functional Aging Institute. As people age into their mid-40’s and beyond, their fitness and nutritional needs become more diverse and they start to experience joint issues, loss of muscle mass, and increased hypertension. Most of the fitness industry and personal trainers are using antiquated concepts for training the mature adult.  At Inner Image, we have the extra education to know how to properly work with mature adult fitness and to train according to a Functional Training Model using the key foundations of specificity and progression. Our sessions address cognition, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, balance and mobility in a safe and effective manner.

Why Inner Image? Because your time and money should be spent on fitness that delivers the results you need and want.