FUNctional Strength Training

Resistance exercises designed to enhance the relationship between the muscular and nervous systems. These exercises result in increased strength and power necessary to improve movements essential to making activities of daily living easier to perform. Offered in three separate modules as total body, upper body and lower body.

FUNctional Flexibility Training

Total body training using dynamic stretching techniques and exercises that concentrate on improving range of motion, posture and muscle imbalances to improve quality of life by preventing injury, decreasing pain and improving balance and mobility.

FUNctional Balance

Training that focuses on developing real-life movement patterns through the interaction of sensory, muscular and nervous systems designed to create stability necessary to maintain a desired body position. Functional balance is an integral part of daily living.

FUNctional Agility & Coordination

Training designed to improve the ability to coordinate ones body and senses (ie. hand/eye coordination) to produce smooth and efficient movements and increased reaction times. Agility and coordination are essential to daily task performance, injury reduction and fall prevention.

FUNctional Core Training

Training core muscles essential for spinal stability. Emphasis is on the body’s center of gravity to increase movement efficiency and to build a solid base allowing the body to stand upright and strong.

Meditative Exercise

Training using muscle relaxation techniques, mindful breathing and guided imagery to connect mind and body and create fluidity of movement. Participants will gain balance, flexibility and strength and experience a sense of calm, reduced stress, and decreased chronic pain.

Mind-Body Connection

A fun-filled, cutting-edge brain fitness program based on the brain’s ability to rewire and repair itself. Exercises that activate all 5 functions of the brain using everyday movements that are natural and organic and focus on the healthy longevity of the body and brain.

Bwell & Balanced

A comprehensive fall prevention program using a multidimensional approach to assessment and treatment of balance-related problems. Taught in 12-week blocks with appropriate progression to improve strength, balance, and mobility.