Inner Image is Pasadena’s premier boutique fitness studio offering state of the art functional fitness to adults 45 and over.

Our specially educated and experienced trainers offer personal training in clean and intimate surroundings designed to empower our clients to improve their overall health and well being in a friendly, nurturing and results driven environment.

FUNctional Aging

“One is never so old that one does not honestly hope to live another day, but to live longer without improvement in quality is a waste of time.”  

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Ancient Roman Philosopher)

Exercise should support and improve your ability to do the things you are passionate about–for the rest of your life. Most people know what to do to maintain and improve their quality of life, but many are not sure how to go about achieving their goals. At Inner Image our programs are specifically designed to help you boost your energy, feel sharper, manage symptoms of illness and pain and to achieve a greater sense of well-being even as you reach into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

In Embrace Your Inner Image you will discover the benefits of functional fitness and how we, as Functional Aging Specialists, use evidence-based techniques to assure that you age with strength and grace. Request your complimentary copy today.

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